Tag: Get Back to Basics

Job Hunt Process – Job Interview Preparation

Finally understand the framework that will help you to outshine your competition when you interview for jobs. It’s very simple and effective. You will love it.

Job Hunt Process – Get Job Interviews

There’s a common mistake you might make with your resume that prevents you from getting more phone calls for job interviews. Find out what it is, fix it, and see the results you get. 

Job Hunt Process – Applying To A Job

When applying for jobs there is one thing you should never do and I will reveal it to you. Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake most people make. After today, you will no longer make it. 

Job Hunt Process – Find A Job and Networking

You hear of the abundance of jobs available, people appear to not want to work, we are almost at “full employment” among other things. Then why are so many people having difficulty finding work? Let’s cover what you could focus on when looking for a job and why networking is important.