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Your Resume Is Important

How much time did you spend with your resume this month? Last month? This year? If you have to think about it too long then it’s not enough! In this video, I share with you why your resume is important and how it can help you to develop a career plan. If you want to…
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Are You Telling Your Story

Have you sent out resume after resume and got very little or no response from employers? Maybe you are not telling your story in a way that captures their attention. I will share a few simple, quick tips that will help you to refocus your efforts as well as how I implemented those same strategies.…
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Job Hunt Process Recap and Next Steps

Now that you’ve going through each of the Job Hunt Process 15-steps, what will you do next? Hopefully, a few of the nuggets you heard were written down. If not, replay them again and again until you can internalize the material.

Job Hunt Process – Volunteer and Give Back

One of the greatest feelings you could experience is when you have a positive impact in the life of someone else. Volunteering and giving back in some way reminds you of where you have come from and how far you have traveled despite the challenges. To truly appreciate what you have visit ➞ ➞ https://www.gapminder.org/dollar-street.…
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Job Hunt Process – A Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Let’s face it, you may have considered running your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. It’s not easy and like college running a business is not for everyone.

Job Hunt Process – Get Ready for Retirement

Planning for retirement is not easy but it’s a necessary step. I will share some resources to help you get started on the best track for you. Check out https://www.etf.com/etf-education-center, https://esimoney.com/, and https://esimoney.com/three-sentences.

Job Hunt Process – Grow Within Your Job and Career

Are you aware of the #1 mistake you might make that can prevent you from growing within your job and career. While it’s only one of many you should know about it!

Job Hunt Process – Getting A Promotion

If you’ve been passed over for a promotion finally understand why. However, there is a way to still be recognized for the work you do. When you hear this simple concept it will help you to adjust your approach to get a promotion.

Job Hunt Process – Why Training Is Important

Negotiating is not the only way to increase your income. Getting training to improve your skills and expand your knowledge is a great way too. Find out why this has become a critical component of your job hunting process.

Job Hunt Process – Negotiate and Get Job Offer

Once you get the job offer, if you do not negotiate and settle for what the company offers you will regret it! It’s one of the easiest ways to increase your income.