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5 Job Interview Questions & Answers (Provide Unique Answers)

Learn how you can provide unique answers to job interview questions so you do not sound like everyone else and standout from the competition. Get a tech job starting at $60,000 with no experience and just a high school diploma. Visit https://shawnelson.info/cc to learn more.

How To Tell Your Story (Get More Job Interviews)

Get answers to the 4 questions people ask me every week and learn how to tell your story to get more job interviews. Download the Tell Your Story Worksheet and get more job interviews – https://jobhuntninja.com/tysw

How To Create A Resume With No Work Experience in Google Docs for Beginners and Freshers (Part 3)

You can create a resume from scratch using no templates in less than 30-minutes if you are a beginner or fresher. All you need is Google Docs and the willingness to follow what I show you in the video.

How To Create A Resume With No Work Experience | Beginners and Freshers Step-by-Step (Part 2)

Understand how the different components of a resume can help beginners and freshers to stand out from the competition when job hunting. Find out how ugly resumes still get people job interviews and why you might want an ugly resume too!

How To Create A Resume With No Work Experience | Beginners and Freshers Step-by-Step (Part 1)

How to create a resume for beginners and freshers that is more than just a job checklist when you understand how a resume can help you pursue and live your career dream. Discover the on thing you MUST do to make your job hunting easier. Get started today with no fancy software needed!

How To Find A Career You Love That Fits You

Find a career you love that is meant for you if you are feeling lost about your future. This video provides a simple road map to identify the career you will enjoy that will not feel like work, even if you’re starting from scratch. Your New Career is Waiting: https://jobhuntninja.com/cc

Hump Day Q&A (Get Answers and Results)

“Why should you I listen to you” is a question submitted to me that I will answer. In doing so you will learn who I am, what I stand for, and how i can help you to get a job, get a better job or to transition from one field to another regardless of your…
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What Is A Cover Letter or Resume Cover Page?

You can write a cover letter that grabs the attention of employers even with zero work experience. You will learn a simple resume cover page concept that will help you standout from the competition and get more job interviews!

What is a resume – Get More Job Interviews

Confused about resumes? You’re not alone! This video helps you to understand what is a resume, how it saves you time, and avoid common pitfalls. The resume can get you more job interviews if it’s done right.

Job Hunt Process Recap and Next Steps

Now that you’ve going through each of the Job Hunt Process 15-steps, what will you do next? Hopefully, a few of the nuggets you heard were written down. If not, replay them again and again until you can internalize the material.