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Job Hunt Ninja P.A.C.E. Service

How would you liked to have someone available to answer your questions and guide you to make the best decisions for you regarding employment, education, and career development? Now you can with the Job Hunt Ninja P.A.C.E. (Personalize Assistance to Conquer and Excel) Service.


Resume Writing Service 

95% of resumes I have reviewed over 20+ years are ineffective. A resume represents you when you are not there. It should tell your story in a way that makes employers want to call you and not the competition. We can help you get more job interviews! Click the Resume Creation Service button below to learn more. 


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Career Coaching Service

There comes a time when all that you know just doesn't work and you cannot figure out why it's not working. I mean it worked before but not anymore.

At this point, you may need the assistance of a Career Coach. Someone with extensive experience in helping people like you overcome obstacles that prevent you from achieving your career goals.

If you are tired of trying to figure this all out and want some guidance on the phone to get you back on track click the button below.


Get Access To Updates, Insights, Strategies, Resources and Tools To Help You Achieve Your Career and Educational Goals!

Self-Paced Video Training's

There is one thing you can count on and it's change will happen with or without you. Staying abreast of these changes require you to keep learning.

The Job Hunt Ninja Training's help you to do just that. The knowledge and skills you acquire will help you stay ahead of the competition and get results that will cause others to be jealous of you!

The first self-paced training offered is the one of most requested and it's a good place to start! You will get access to three videos with strategies that will assist you to...

1) Get more job interviews 
2) Find more jobs
3) Get a job with a H.S. diploma when a bachelors is requested

Every time I show these strategies to individuals they are blown away by its simplicity and wonder, "Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner?"

To learn more about the training click the button below.



Wow! Shawn your resume critiques and examples provided worked so good that during the interview I was told what to brush up on for the 2nd interview. I got the job and just so happy. Thank you for everything!

Thomas Matthews

Senior Systems Administrator

Mr. Nelson, I do not know what special sauce you have but every time I attend your training's jobs start calling me. Prior to attending no one contacts me. This time I got 3 job offers and loving it. Just keep doing what you do. Thank you for everything.

Beverly Richardson-Russell

Executive Assistant

Shawn, I could not believe when I went on my job interview exactly what you mentioned in the training was brought up. I knew I was going to get the job because you prepared me so well. Thank you for everything! 

Brad Kinch

Selling supervisor/CRM Expert

About The Job Hunt Ninja

My name is Shawn "The Job Hunt Ninja" Nelson. My ability to see the good in everything has allowed me to identify patterns that most people overlook that could benefit them.

I have a Bachelor’s in Human Services and a Masters in Administration from Metropolitan College of New York. I also have over 30-years experience helping various at-risk populations to improve their standard of living by learning the ins and outs of obtaining a job.

In addition, I have 24-years as a Technology Instructor, 12-years teaching at various colleges in NYC, over 17-years experience in Internet Marketing, and 15-years as a Career Coach/Advisor and Mentor.

Throughout this journey, my focus has always been on helping people to achieve their personal, professional, career and educational goals.

If you truly want to make a change in your life and just want honest guidance using techniques that work, I can help you!