Why Do You Need A Resume

A resume

First, not everyone needs a resume. In some industries your previous employers have more influence on whether you get a job or not.

Second, you need a resume for many industries so you can tell your story. The problem is there are many ways to tell your story and I will not get into that topic here.

What I want you to focus on is what happens when you are applying for jobs that rely on you having a resume and you don’t. Or worse, you have one and it’s not working.

I want you to start thinking about your resume differently.

Imagine you sent your resume out to 100 employers over 3 months and no one called you. How would that make you feel?

Clearly, you know something is wrong but you are unsure of what that may be. I mean, you did your research, created a nice looking resume, and you do get some calls but not as many as you would like.

Another 3 months pass and still no results. Now you start to question your worth, skills, knowledge, experience, etc.

Here’s the problem I have witnessed for over three decades…

….a lot of people do not like to ask for help and especially when they have to pay for that help!

If you have tried everything you know, have read or listened too and still you are not getting results you need help.

Often clients ask me, “Can you guarantee that I will get a job after you finish coaching me and helping me with my resume?” I always say, “No! But I can guarantee you will get more job interviews than you ever had and if you interview well enough you can get a job.”

I am going to share with you a simple example that should wake you up just a little…

…let’s say you had a job paying $60K a year. You’ve been out of work for say 6-months. During that time you had a minimal amount of money coming in from unemployment. Now that’s about to run out and you are starting to get nervous.

Let’s assume there were 30-days per month over 6-months. Over six months of not working you lost out on $41, 538 in gross income.

Now what if you had decided in month 1 that you needed help with your resume and invested $150. Yes, money would be tight but this is an investment into you. Two weeks after sending out the resume you get more phone calls. By the end of month 2 you get a job offer for $55K. Not exactly what you made before but better than what you currently have.

In those two months you would have lost out on $13,846 in gross revenue. However, because of the small investment of $150 you got a huge return on investment of 36666.67%.

Here’s my point and I hope you get it….

…time is a resource you cannot and should not waste. Once it’s gone you cannot get it back. Money, on the other hand, you can get back. Just get another job, hit megamillions, scratch off, inherit the money, invest in a startup, etc.

What I want you to do is evaluate where you are right now in your career and ask yourself, “Am I happy here?” If not, then it's time for a change.

If you know you need an updated resume visit the Resume Service page to learn more.

Otherwise, let’s talk and see how we can work together or not. Either way, it doesn’t cost you a penny and just 15-minutes of your time. Select a date and time below.

Until next time you take care, be safe, and stay blessed

The Job Hunt Ninja