Job Hunt Essentials Training

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Successful job hunters understand there are certain job hunt essentials that if applied will work every time!

The problem is these steps are so basic and simple that millions of people like yourself overlook them and wonder, "Why can't I get a job interview for the jobs I know I qualify to get?"

To help you to better understand these basics, I have put together the Job Hunt Essentials Training. It's time for you to get employers to notice you and not the competition.

You will get access to a weeks worth of content. I high recommend you cover one step/lesson per day. It's set up this way to help you take action immediately while you internalize the material to get the best results for you!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Step 1 - Why People Get More Phone Calls and Job Interviews When You Don’t
  • Step 2 - What is your Purpose or Goal
  • Step 3 - What do you Offer
  • Step 4 - What is your Service and Project Offer Strategy
  • Step 5 - Why Your Resume Sucks and How To Fix It
  • Step 6 - Cover Letters: Are they Important
  • Step 7 - How to Prepare for Job Interviews
  • Step 8 - Why You Need a Thank You Letter

At the end of this training, you will be prepared to improve your chances of getting employers to contact you for job interviews.

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