Resume Birthday Special

Your Resume Sucks and I Can Prove It!

That is a bold statement to make and yet within the next 40-seconds you will know it to be true.

When you look at your resume what do you see? A bunch of words on the screen or on a piece of paper.

Those words represent you and tell your story. But what story are they telling?

Based on my experience over 30-years, I can almost guarantee that you have a "job description" resume.

It lists all of your responsibilities or at least the ones you feel are important.

Guess what? You sound and look like everyone else on paper because they do the same thing as you.

No wonder employers do not call you as you cannot standout from the compeition!

You resume is supposed to list your accomplishments.

Knowing this is not enough because you still have to know how to present those accomplishments to get more phone calls and emails for job interviews!

Play The Video To See My Birthday Gift To You!

A Few Details!

First, this service is not for Curriculum Vitae (CV). It is only for resumes.

Second, you can purchase the resume services for a family member or friend for their birthday. If you choose to purchase for someone else, make sure when you reach the members area to let us know it's a gift for someone and provide their full name and email address. We will take care of the rest.

Finally, remember to use the code provided in the video to get your discount. Otherwise, you will pay the full price of $300 and I don't want you to miss out on my resume birthday gift to you for $100!

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Until next time you take care, be safe, and stay blessed!

The Job Hunt Ninja