On June 1st, 2019, I will be offering you the opportunity to get access to 2 videos that will assist you to get more job interviews and to get access to more jobs for a small investment of $37 $19.97!

If you recently graduated or will be graduating you will want to get access to these videos if you are having problems finding a job.

One video will reveal how you can increase the likelihood that employers will contact you within 24 to 96 hours. The other video will show you how to identify more jobs than you thought you could ever find.

Both videos provide very basic and simple strategies that have stood the test of time and works regardless of the job market. When they stop working I will stop using them myself!

In addition, there will be 3 bonus videos revealing...

  1. Websites where you get access to an email address and don't have to complete an online application
  2. How to get a mini job interview on the spot
  3. How to identify demand, competition, and barriers to employment

You will get 5 videos totaling approximately 75 minutes of training to help you get the results you desire for a small investment of $37 $19.97!


I have a no questions asked, 100%, 1-year money-back guarantee. If you cannot increase the number of employers contacting you and if you do not see how you can find more jobs you can get your money back. Just ask for it! Fair enough?


First, if you do not feel confident about your resume then I would suggest you do not get access to the videos.

However, if you feel you have a good resume then feel free to get access to the videos.

I will upload the videos on June 1st, 2019, and will be offering access to the videos for $37 $19.97 until June 14th, 2019. Then I will increase the price.

For a limited time from May 27th until May 31st, (Memorial Day discount) you can get access to the videos for an early bird, pre-completion price of $9.97!

This means you won't see much on the training page after you order but you will get access to the material at a reduced price of $9.97 and on June 1st you can revisit the page and the videos will be there waiting for you!


Here are a few testimonials from happy users of my various trainings...

Thomas Matthews
 Wow. Shawn your resume critiques and examples yo helped me to develop worked so well during the interview that I was told what to brush up on for the 2nd interview. I got the job and just so happy. Thank you for everything! 
Jaime L.Q.
 Shwan, after failing with what I did I finally decided to use your strategies during my interviews and got 3 job offers in 1-day. Thank you for all of your help. Now I have to decide which job I will take. You are the best. 
Beverly Richardson-Russell
 Mr. Nelson, I do not know what special sauce you have but every time I attend your class jobs start calling me. Prior to the class no one contacts me. This time I got 3 Job offers and loving it. Just keep doing what you do. Thank you for everything. 

The order link will be added on May 27th when you can get access to the Get the Job Training Videos for a small investment of $9.97 until May 31st! Then the price goes up to $19.97 until June 14th.