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Get A Resume That Increase Phone Calls and Emails for Job Interviews

My name is Shawn "The Job Hunt Ninja” Nelson. For over 31-years, I have helped tens of thousands of people get back to work, graduate college, and improve their standard of living.

Today, I want to help you get a resume created that increase the number of phone calls and emails you get for job interviews. Are you interested? Click the button below to get started.

The Struggle Is Real

Like you, I struggled to get interviews, get past the interviews, or to get a decent job that had benefits.

Everything I did failed miserably. I had children to feed and something had to change.

I have always helped others to learn how to play various sports, to solve problems, improve their computer skills, and to achieve their goals.

There had to be something I was missing. Something that was right in front of my face that I could not see. I just felt it. I am sure you feel the same way.

Failure Was Not An Option

I remember asking people for advice on how my resume should look and each time I got a different answer.

It confused the heck out of me to the point where I had to put down the resume for a few days.

I didn’t know who to believe or listen too. Everyone had their own way of doing a resume.

There had to be a better way to do a resume.

There was a time when I asked for help in answering job interview questions and once again I got different answers.

Then I got more nervous because the answers I received did not fit or help me. I began to question my ability to successfully answer job interview questions.

Another time I asked for help in researching companies to prepare for an interview and again I got different answers that confused me.

At that point I did not want to go on interviews anymore because this whole process was too complicated.

I am sure you have had similar experiences and they did not boost your confidence to go out and get a job right?

The Common Obstacle

I have watched thousands of people struggle to get back to work and the common obstacle is a poorly written resume that does not properly tell their story.

I am sharing this information with you because I know you are sick and tired of sending out resume after resume with very little to no results.

Yet, there are people who send out their resume and get a ton of emails and calls for interviews. What is it they are doing that you are not?

You begin to wonder what is wrong with you. There isn’t anything wrong with you but there are a few things you may not know that will improve your chances to get more interviews.

Your Solution Is Here

The Get A Resume Service has been battle tested in the trenches. It has gone through, and will continue to go through, many revisions to improve its effectiveness.

Yet, for the 110,000+ people who have been exposed to it within the last 11-years, it has consistently worked for them time and time again.

If you choose to take this journey with me, you will get a resume created for you that will get you more phone calls and emails for job interviews. Guaranteed!

You don't have to do anything but submit your resume, respond to our questions via email (if I have any) and receive your updated resume within 96-hours (4 business days not including weekends and holidays) for only $99. Click the button below to get your resume.

In order for me to offer you the Get A Resume Service at the low investment of $99, I have to limit what I can do for you while still assisting you to get results. Here are the restrictions:

  1. I will contact you via email with any questions I may have about your resume.
  2. I will make the changes to your resume based on our phone conversation and what I know actually works. In some cases, I may have to revamp your entire resume.
  3. Your resume will be completed within 96-hours (4 business days not including weekends and holidays)
  4. You have one revision available once I send the resume to you and you have 48-hours to provide the information to me. Afterwards, you are responsible for making the changes to your resume.
  5. The email address used to send you the resume is only available to send and receive resumes. No one will respond to any questions or requests from that email address.

100% Money Back Guarantee

My Guarantee is simple. If you do not get more phone calls or emails for job interviews within 1-year, tell me exactly what you did and I will refund your money with no questions asked.

I am so confident in the Get A Resume Service for two reasons…..

First, I have used and continue to use the concepts to assist me to find employment. Between March of 2008 and September 2011, when millions of people complained they could not find or get a job, I got three different jobs using these resume strategies with no problem at all.

Second, no one who has ever attended my training's or had a resume done has come back and told me, “Your stuff does not work.”  I work with a tough and very vocal population and trust me I would hear it if my resumes did not get results.

My goal is to help 100,000 people a year to get more job interviews and get back to work.

All you have to do is click the button below to be one of them to get your resume within 96-hours (4 business days not including weekends and holidays) or less for just $99.

Sample Resumes

Below are a few sample resumes using different formats and color schemes. There are so many ways to format a resume so do not get stuck on that.

What's Next?

It is time you went from…..

  1. Unemployed to being employed
  2. Underemployed to making a decent wage
  3. A job you hate to a job you love
  4. An environment you cannot stand to one that appreciates you
  5. No or very little interviews to more job interviews than you can ever imagine
  6. No job offers to multiple job offers

I know this can happen because I witness it every single day. I get so many people thanking me and giving me hugs during the week that it melts my heart knowing I helped someone achieve their goal.

I can do the same for you if you let me help you. You will not find anyone as passionate, thorough, caring and compassionate as I am who will work diligently to help you get back to work or to get a better job.

Thousands of people know my methods work, don’t you want to be one of the 100,000 people I plan help this year? 

It’s time you stop sending out resume after resume with no phone calls. It’s time to get results. Click the button below to get your Get A Resume Service for $99.

P.S. I am offering the Get A Resume Service for a small investment so I can get more testimonials on how your new resume got you more job interviews. I have a set number in mind and once I reach it the price will increase.

P.P.S. Click button below if you need a 24-Hour Resume Creation Service for $199. After you order, you can submit your information and we can set up a call immediately. I cannot keep it at this low price forever so get your resume today within 24-hours before I increase the price.