Job Hunt Essentials

Why People Get More Phone Calls and Job Interviews When You Don’t – Step 1


I want you to know there are certain basics that when applied always work no matter what.

Every field has foundation principles you MUST master in order to succeed.

Unfortunately, you may have overlooked these principles in an effort to achieve your goal of finding employment.

It is important to understand there are no shortcuts. Shortcuts often take you back to the beginning and cause you to waste valuable time.

What I will do is help you to reduce the number of steps you take to achieve your goal of getting a job or a better one.

After going through this module, it is my hope you will be able to...

  • Identify why you can’t get a job
  • Identify who you are when looking for work
  • Define your purpose when networking
  • Understand the value you bring to the employer
  • Begin to develop your “Service Offer” or “Project Offer” strategy

***Stop - Warning***

Before you invest your precious time going through the modules, there are a couple of things I must say to you.

First, I will not tell you anything you do not already know.

What I will do is explain things in a way that help you to better understand why you are unable to get noticed, get interviews, and get job offers even when you are qualified.

Second, I do not know everything but what I do know I know very well. Therefore, I cannot help you if you feel or believe you know everything.

If that is you, my advice is for you to take one nugget of what you know and use it to get a job or a better job. I truly cannot help you and if you continue to read after this point you will understand why.

Third, if you have been unsuccessful up to this point in getting a job that means there is something you are missing that you do not or cannot see. I can help you find and use those missing pieces if you allow me too!

Finally, you will have to temporarily set aside what you believe to be true about job hunting, unlearn and relearn a few things to help you get past the obstacles.

Throughout this training, I am giving you what I know works.

I have witnessed how these simple concepts have transformed the lives of thousands of people over the years. Now it’s time you learn what they are and how you can use them.

Are you ready to take this journey with me today?

Get On the Right Path

I want to make sure we are on the same page.

The path you have been on or are on right now is not leading you to where you desire to go. That is why you are looking for more help.

To get on the right path you will need to consistently do a few things.

  • You need to start networking - you cannot take this journey alone and will need the assistance of a lot of people. Get comfortable asking for help or you will suffer more than you have too. It is your choice!
  • You need to get out of your comfort zone - you need to start doing the things you choose not to do to get where you desire to go. It is often what we are afraid of doing that we must do to reach our goals and live our dreams.
  • You need to get focused - your goal, after reading this, is to get yourself into the right mindset. That is the most important thing you MUST do right now. How you start your job hunt is more important than the job you are trying to get. You can always change direction and make corrections but a weak foundation (how you start) will fail you every time.
  • You need to take action - dreams come to life when you take action. Focused action makes it happen faster.
  • You need to understand the employment game - while life and work are serious there are rules (written and unwritten) that you must become aware of to play the game well.
  • You need to have fun - despite the pressure you are under you must have fun and enjoy the journey not just getting to the destination.

The most difficult part of this journey is letting go of misinformation you have been given.

There are many myths that will be dispelled if you take this journey with me today.

You will wonder, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?” Often the people who helped you were not aware of this information.

Even the best cannot know everything!

That is why networking is important as you cannot know everything but you can be connected to the people who do know and tap into their wisdom and knowledge.

In the next section, you will begin to understand why companies are not calling you for interviews.

As simple as the concepts are, do not underestimate their effectiveness. They have worked for me and others consistently for over 26-years and counting.

Let’s begin your journey and I promise you will be amazed by what you learn today!

First Steps - Who Are You?

What I want to know is, “How do you see yourself as it relates to the categories listed below?”

Keep in mind you can pick more than one if you like. Are you a…..

  1. Job searcher
  2. Job seeker
  3. Job hunter
  4. Business owner
  5. Marketer

Before you answer, let me clarify one thing for you. The items above are related to your mindset and how you see yourself. Forget about what everyone else thinks as this is about what you think and what you see!

Let’s go over each one to help you better understand why employers are not noticing you, calling you for interviews, making job offers or giving you promotions.


When you are searching for or seeking something do you often find it? In many cases, you do not find it.

You may come close but it may not match what you want 100% of the time. So, you may settle for what you find or keep looking until you find it.

Now when you are online looking, searching and seeking employment do you often find what you are looking for? Sometimes you do but not all the time right?

The problem with seeking and searching is from the beginning you are not guaranteed to find anything.

You HOPE you will find something but past experience has taught you, in many cases, you may not find what you are looking for.

So, why do you get upset when you search for jobs and do not find any that meet your requirements?

Also keep in mind since you already know you MAY NOT find a job that meets your requirements you leave yourself an OUT by default before you even start looking for work.

Do you see what I just said? I will repeat it, so you do not miss it.

Since you already know you MAY NOT find a job that meets your requirements you leave yourself an OUT by default before you even start looking for work.

NOTE: I know I am over generalizing, and not everyone will fit into this framework, but you must understand I deal with thousands of people of month looking for work. The common phrases I hear are, “There are no jobs out there” or “I can’t find a job!” The searcher and seeker leave a way OUT by default. You must remember this! I am not saying it is planned but I have witnessed this pattern over and over too many times.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone looking for work who said, “I could not find anything that I wanted to do! It’s the same jobs over and over.”

That individual, without realizing it, is about to develop a pattern of thinking that will cause them to accept quitting as an option.

Do you see how this type of thinking can prevent you from getting noticed, getting interviews and eventually job offers? You are starting from a weak position by default where you should be starting from a strong position.


You should not settle for or become a job searcher or seeker. You must become a Job Hunter.

Let me explain.

If you look back before the industrial revolution and agrarian society we were a hunting and gathering society.

As a job hunter you will approach the job completely different from someone who is searching or seeking.

If you had to hunt to feed yourself and your family could you fail to come back without any food? The answer is, “No!

You MUST come back with something, no matter how small or you and your family will eventually starve to death. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

You cannot store food for the next day because there are no refrigerators. You have to hunt to eat for each meal every day.

Let’s stop here because what I just revealed to you, while very simple, will have a profound and positive affect on you from this point forward if you get it.

When you are searching and seeking a job you have the option to fail or give up because it is built in by default as I said earlier. But as a job hunter you cannot fail, quit or give up.

That does not mean you will not fail. You can do your best and still fail at what you do. However, your intent and goal is to not fail.

If one way of doing something does not work you must try something else. If you fail again then you try something else until you find something, anything that works.

As a job hunter you become so focused on achieving your goal that you will do whatever it takes to feed you and your family. You will prepare in ways others may not.

You will go that extra mile because you NEED to get that job. You take absolutely nothing for granted. You give it everything you got and leave it at the interview.

If you do not get the job it won’t be because you were not prepared or qualified. It will be because someone else was starving while you may have been just hungry.

A hungry person feels they have time to eat but a starving person has passed the hunger stage and is at the point of desperation.

The starving person needs to eat. They cannot wait to eat. Nothing will get in their way to get the food they need.

For example, have you ever been hungry while running errands, went to get something to eat but then said, “Nah, I can wait until I get home?”

Notice how you were willing to give up food temporarily until a later time? There was no sense of urgency to eat. When you are starving there is a sense of urgency.

So, as a job hunter not only must you be focused, prepared and qualified but you also must be starving.

It’s important to note you must have a “Starving Mindset”.

Everything you do to get the job must be based on you and your family starving if you do not get it. I need you to take this literally.

That does not mean you sound desperate but you must get yourself to a level of focus that surpasses your fear and anxiety. Whatever you fear cannot be stronger than your desire to feed your family!

When I go on interviews I imagine my kids starving because I cannot put food on the table. I do not like that image.

Therefore, I prepare and focus like crazy to ensure I give myself the best possible chance to get the job.

Successful job hunters get their phone ringing off the hook and inbox filled with interview requests because they understand this concept of hungry versus starving.

You must move from the searcher/seeker mindset and get on over to the job hunter mindset. Then you have to get focused and start preparing.

Do not worry about how to prepare, just get to that focused point and you will notice a few things….

  1. Your confidence will increase
  2. You will have less stress
  3. You will have more peace of mind
  4. You will begin to see more opportunities
  5. You will start to enjoy life a little more

All of this is possible once you shift to the Job Hunter mindset. You can literally make the shift in less than 1-hour.

As I said earlier, just focus on seeing yourself and your children starving from the lack of food and that will drive you beyond your fears.

Once there, you will begin to do things you thought were impossible.

You do not have to wait until your back is up against the wall to move forward. I want you to be proactive and not reactive.

Now you can begin to see why you have not been successful in getting interviews and jobs.

That shift in your mind coupled with your focus and preparation allows you to create a resume that annihilates the competition. But I am getting ahead of myself here. 🙂

NOTE: I am fully aware that you have expenses that must be met. I understand you cannot accept just anything. But let me ask you this, “How much are you making now? How much of your retirement money will you continue to spend? How long can you last without working before you go crazy? How long can you tolerate being stressed on your current job before your body is affected?”

I can tell you from experience when you accept a job (even one you do not want that is paying less than what you deserve) other job opportunities present themselves. I am not sure why that happens but it does.

Also, keep in mind once you work with a company you have access to internal job postings not available to the general public.

While you may start off making less no one said you had to stay there.

Just remember to stop being hungry and get to a starving mindset and watch how things begin to fall into place for you.


Not only are you a job hunter but you are also a business owner.

When conducting training's, there is a statement I make that rubs people the wrong way.

I do it on purpose to help participants see that small distinctions can change how they see the world but also show how many things are more a like than what they think.

You are a business selling your service, skills, knowledge, education, training, etc. to another company for money (i.e., paycheck). So, what makes you different from a prostitute?

You both are selling yourselves for money but providing different services in return.

My point is the type of service you provide determines how people perceive you.

It is critical to your success to begin to see yourself as a business and conduct yourself as a business owner.

In order for someone to keep hiring you for the services or knowledge you possess, you must do a good or great job performing your duties.

In order to keep your money coming you have to continue to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

In other words, if the services you are offering no longer have value in the marketplace then you have less opportunities to make money (e.g., not enough jobs in your field of interest) or you may have to reduce your prices (i.e., take a lower paying job) until you upgrade yourself.

As a business owner you must monitor your income and expenses and figure out ways to increase revenue by either getting a promotion or switching jobs.

As a business owner you must learn various technologies to help you streamline processes and to become more effective and efficient than your competitors (e.g., other co-workers).

Finally, you should align your business with another business that can assist you to further develop and learn while assisting them to achieve their goals.

This shift is slightly harder because you may not have an interest in business but unfortunately you are a business called, “ME, Inc.” When ME, Inc. has no revenue coming in times get rough.

But there is a way to get out of that rough patch and it is by marketing your business.


Yes, not only are you a Job Hunter and Business Owner but you are a Marketer too!

There are three things, among others, that determine your success and let me tell you it’s not fair that so much hinge on these items to get a job, so pay attention.

  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Online presence

Here is where many people fail miserably.

Everything you post on the internet is a representation of you (good, bad or indifferent) and it stays there forever.

That means your brand for ME, Inc. is being developed long before you actually begin looking for work. All the personal information you put online can and will be used against you.

The resume and your online profile is what represent you in your absence.

You are being judged by what you say and how you say it in written, pictorial, audio and video form.

Yes, people are judging you when they do not know you.

For example, have you ever purchased a car at a dealership? When you enter they greet you and ask you to complete a 1-page document with your basic information.

Then the salesperson begins to feel you out while the Manager or Finance Manager determines the feasibility of you buying a car.

They often come back with two responses:

  1. Come with me and you see those cars over there? Let me know which one you may be interested in, or
  2. It looks like you will be driving home today in your new car. Let’s take a look and find what you want.

The first response is because on paper your credit score was low.

The second response is because on paper your credit score was high.

In each scenario you are being judged without them knowing you.

The resume is the same way. If employers do not see anything enticing they will…

  1. Throw it in the garbage,
  2. Just say you don’t fit the requirements with too little experience, or
  3. You are overqualified

On the other hand, if you have what companies need they will often bend over backwards to accommodate you.

If you have never been in that position it’s time you get there because it feels good.

The cover letter provides insight into your cognitive ability and organization skills as it relates to how you present you in writing.

From this point forward, you need to actively monitor the information you provide to public facing sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to name a few.

Your brand’s message has to be consistent across all mediums because when people check you out, and they will, they should be impressed by what they see.

In essence, you are marketing yourself all the time to potential employers without realizing it.

You either give them what they are looking for to fit into their culture or you don’t.

While I know this appears to be a lot of work it is really not that difficult.

Just keep private information private and make appropriate public information public. That’s it!

Personally, on my Facebook timeline is nothing but pictures of my family and a video or two that I think others would like.

I have my work experience on LinkedIn and nothing on Instagram and Twitter with a few videos on YouTube.

I just need you to be aware that you are a marketer whether you like it or not, so you might as well begin controlling what people know and see about you a little better.

There you have it.....

...the first module of the Job Hunt Essentials Training.

I highly recommend you reread it again tomorrow and allow it to sink in. Ask yourself, "How can I incorporate this new way of thinking into my daily routine?"

That is all you have to do for now. Reassess your job hunt strategies and see if a shift in how you think could improve things.

Remember, being hungry is fine but starving is better.

Until next time!

Take care, be safe and stay blessed

Shawn "The Job Hunt Ninja" Nelson