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What Is Your Service & Project Offer Strategy – Step 4


What Is Your Service Offer Strategy (SOS) or Project Offer Strategy (POS)?

Throughout this first three steps, I mentioned the Service Offer Strategy or Project Offer Strategy and how your experience, skills, knowledge, education and training are important but not critical.

The way you get around areas where you are weak is by providing a service or working on a project where you can showcase your ability. You actually do a portion of the work before you get hired.

I know this is not the norm in many industries but it will become the norm faster than you think.

How can an employer properly evaluate your ability if they do not have something to compare (outside of your resume or cover letter) to other candidates?

Let me give you an example. When I am not helping people get back to work, I assist businesses of all sizes to improve revenue and net profits using a variety of online and offline methods.

My SOS is focused on giving something away for free that would be valuable to them. It would have to be something they need.

I offer a simple service every business could appreciate who advertises.

My “Service Offer” question would be: “Is the phone number in your ads the same number current customers call to reach you too?”

In most cases, the answer would be, “Yes” and my response would be, “If I can show you how to increase revenue by 25% within the next 45 days, would you be willing to share with me 30% of what you make each month thereafter?”

If they agree, I would advise them to set up a second phone number with 2 to 3 additional lines. I would tell them to keep the old number for the current customers and use the new number in their advertisements.

The reason revenue will increase by at least 25% is the old customers know what they want and with the current set up they have to wait for the new customers to get their questions answered, which creates a longer waiting time.

With the new set up the old customer can call the same number, get a faster response, place orders faster and get a better experience.

The new clients can call the new number and ask all the questions they want without interfering with the old customer order process. All new clients who become customers will get the old number for future orders.

Once the revenue jumps, and continue to increase, the company will want to take advantage of additional services I offer.

Notice how I gave first for 45-days before I received anything? I can do that because the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) for each client is substantial enough for me to take that risk.

I know there is at least an 80% chance that what I do will work. Nothing is 100% and in 20% of the cases, I don’t make a dime. However, I learn a lot from the 20% that do not work and the winners more than make up for the losers.

Where Do You Begin with your SOS or POS?

What I am going to tell you will shock you but it works, so be careful when you us it.

To develop your SOS/POS all you have to do is:

  1. Identify a job you want
  2. Review the job description
  3. Pick one responsibility from the description
  4. Perform that task before you submit your resume or application
    • NOTE: This will only work if you are applying for similar jobs. Otherwise, do not waste your time.
  5. In either your resume, cover letter or online application provide the link to what you created and offer to discuss it with the hiring manager/recruiter
  6. If you do not get an interview or the job move on to the next job

Let me give you an example!

I saw a Trainer position advertised and saw that they needed someone who could teach computers.

I figured I would show them my outline of what I would cover if I was chosen to teach that class.

My resume was sent out on a Sunday. I got a call Monday morning to coming in Monday evening for an interview.

Tuesday I was asked to have my references contact them as quickly as possible.

Thursday I was offered the job and I started on Friday as a Contractor.

That weekend I created entire curriculum and was ready to train on Monday.

I was hired because I created an outline prior to getting the job that demonstrated I know what I am doing.

It was simple, only took me about an hour or so and I got a job.

What can you identify in the job description that you can use to show how good you are to the employer?

Until next time!

Take care, be safe and stay blessed!

Shawn "The Job Hunt Ninja" Nelson