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What Is Your Purpose or Goal – Step 2

What Are Your Goals

What Is Your Purpose/Goal?

I know you want a job that pays well so you can support yourself and family. I get that. But, what I want to know is, “When you network what is your focus, purpose or goal?”

Being a job hunter who is focused, prepared, starving, and a business owner who knows how to market is still not enough.

Times have changed but the basics are still the same.

It’s just the methods have changed (i.e., email instead of regular mail, texting instead of calling, video interviews instead of in person interviews, etc.).

Let’s look at a few things you may focus on when networking and see which ones are helpful and the ones are not.


The common reason many people network is to get a job.

It doesn’t matter if you have one or want to upgrade. While this is understandable, it does not always work.

There is a simple concept I will share with you at the end of this section that will help you to multiply your results and efforts by what seems like a million times. So, please stop networking for jobs. People do not want to feel like they are being used!


Getting contacts are good. You never know when you will need a contact to help you with a problem or to gain insight into a particular industry. However, getting contacts is not enough.

What are you going to do with this information? Will you follow up with them and if so how often?

In other words, before you get contacts know what you desire to accomplish. However, I would not recommend you start here, so stop networking for contacts.


Getting leads is something you can focus on because a connection might be able to help you reach the company or person who can help you.

Or, maybe you have a service that could benefit people and plan to contact warm leads you’ve met to do some consultative selling that could lead to something bigger.

Unfortunately, many people would be aware of what you are doing and may not take you serious. You do not want to start with this approach.


This is where you need to start. Your number one goal when networking should be to build relationships.

It will require you to do something you may be uncomfortable doing. I will get to what that is in a minute.

If you look back to many of the jobs you got, I bet someone referred you or put in a good word for you. It came through a relationship you had with an individual.

In order to develop effective relationships you have to do the one thing that may make you cringe but it is MANDATORY for you to master in order to succeed in life and in getting a job or a better job.

You must GIVE first in order to RECEIVE.

When networking if you notice or overhear someone having difficulties in an area where you are the SME (Subject Matter Expert) then you should offer some tips on how to improve their situation, only after you get a little more details, and if you can actually help them.

You see this a lot on various LinkedIn groups.

Once your tips prove useful they will come back for more and more but usually as a paying customer.

They will pay because your tips either saved or made them money! Now they can pay you from the profits made or the money saved.

Reread the last paragraph if you desire to be successful in any endeavor! It has not failed me yet!

For example, I know you want a job or a better job. You desire to know how to stand out from the competition, so you can get the phone call for an interview.

All you have to do is rearrange your resume to showcase what employers are looking for at the top and quantify your achievements.What is important to them is at the top of the page.

This helps you increase the likelihood you get a call for an interview. Just make sure you can perform what you say you can do. There is a little more to it but it really is that simple.

Why is this important?

You must understand that employers are tired of people lying to them about what they can do.

If you are already trained and conditioned to give first then interviews become easier to get.

It is easier because you are willing to give evidence of what you can do first before the employer even hires you. What that evidence consists of depends on the type of job you want.

I cannot get into details in this training but I do cover it in my Back 2 Basics Coaching Service where I walk you step-by-step on how to develop your Service Offer Strategy or Product Offer Strategy that will assist you in standing out from the crowd. In a moment, I will share one method with you that I often use.

The key to remember as you read this is your mindset is what has to change. You cannot think the same and do the same things expecting a different outcome.

I need you to begin to make a slight shift in how you see things from this point forward. The old stuff has not served you well and it’s time to get rid of it.


Okay, so I teased you earlier on how to get better results by doing one simple thing.

If you desire to take these simple concepts to another level you can.

Besides giving first you must also be able to, "Let Go."

Let me give you a simple example.

If I were to give you a thousand dollars in one hand and ten thousand dollars in the other hand and wanted to give you another thousand every 10-minutes thereafter will I be able to do it if you do not let go of what I just gave you?

In order to give you more you will have to let go of what you have. In other words, I cannot put more money into your hands that are full.

You have to release that money (however you choose to do it) so you can get more. The more you let go and give the more you can receive.

You are probably thinking, “Just stick the rest of the money in my pockets!” Which is true, but how many pockets do you have? Can you run out of pockets?

And do you really want the money in your pocket or in your hand? So, why not just let go of what you have in your hands to receive more?

The problem for you right now is you might be holding on to things you should let go to make room for what you really need.

But as long as you keep holding on to what you don’t need what you need or can help passes you by.

After going through this training, you will be required to let some things go that are no longer helping you.

They can be thoughts, concepts you have learned, certain beliefs, etc. And the sad part is many of those things are not objects but people in your life.

This is how you multiply your results. You let go to receive more.

You get rid of the things that are not working for you or helping you to make room for what can help you.

If you decide to take this journey with me to transform your life you will see I am transparent and give all that I have when I get it because I need room to learn more to help you to reach your goals. The more I give the more I receive.

Once you grasp this concept you will begin to get over your fear of sharing ideas with people. Especially the money making kind because you realize it’s through relationships that your dreams can become a reality.

The fact that you are reading this is evidence that my dreams are coming true to help over 100,000 people a year.

I could not have gotten this far without the help of so many people over the years. And now you are one of the 100,000 I will help this year.

As simple as the concepts are that you just read I would highly recommend you read this again a day from now and star asking yourself, "What relationships do I have right now that I can tap into to help me get a job or to get a better job?"

Until next time!

Take care, be safe and stay blessed!

Shawn "The Job Hunt Ninja" Nelson