Still Waiting for a Phone Call?

Today I want you to be aware of how the job interview process is changing and it’s impact on your ability to get a job.

The first change is while a traditional resume is still common it may not be required in all situations.

There are instances where a graphical or visual resume can often do the trick if done right.

You can also create your own web page to showcase your skills, knowledge and abilities.

While these are options available to you there are a few that will be integrated into the job hunt fabric that you cannot escape.

For example, many companies are requiring potential applicants to provide a video response to one or two questions on the online application.

This means they get to see you and hear you without having to invite you in. Also, this reduces the number of phone calls for telephone screenings.

Another example is when companies ask you to not send a cover letter but answer very specific questions related to the job either on the online application or via email in the body of the message.

That beautiful cover letter you have just sits there waiting to be used.

Finally, more companies are requiring you to prove you actually know how to do the job if they decide to contact you for an interview.

This could be having you complete a small project that should be easy for someone with the experience.

However, you have to be careful because I have noticed many companies ask potential employees to perform a task but do not plan to hire anyone.

They take all of the great ideas and pass it on to their in-house team to implement.

If you take one thing away from this it should be TALK IS CHEAP.

Companies want to see current and past results, which is an indicator that you can help improve the bottom line for them.

If your resume does not showcase results then that could be the reason no one is calling you for job interviews.

What I would like you to do after reading this is to get your resume and ask yourself, “Would I hire me based on the results shown on my resume?”

If not, then it has to be improved. If so, then you have to figure out why you are not getting more phone calls. Identify what is missing from your resume that needs to be there.

Until next time!

Shawn "The Job Hunt Ninja" Nelson

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