What Is Your Service & Project Offer Strategy – Step 4

What Is Your Service Offer Strategy (SOS) or Project Offer Strategy (POS)? Throughout this first three steps, I mentioned the Service Offer Strategy or Project Offer Strategy and how your experience, skills, knowledge, education and training are important but not critical. The way you get around areas where you are weak is by providing a […]

What Do You Offer – Step 3

What Do You Offer? In your search for work or a better job, you often run into the problem of how to differentiate yourself from the competition. It has a lot to do with what you offer or bring to the table and the other half of that equation is your experience, which I will […]

What Is Your Purpose or Goal – Step 2

What Is Your Purpose/Goal? I know you want a job that pays well so you can support yourself and family. I get that. But, what I want to know is, “When you network what is your focus, purpose or goal?” Being a job hunter who is focused, prepared, starving, and a business owner who knows […]

Job Interview Process Changes That Can Catch You By Surprise

Still Waiting for a Phone Call? Today I want you to be aware of how the job interview process is changing and it’s impact on your ability to get a job. The first change is while a traditional resume is still common it may not be required in all situations. There are instances where a […]

Why Didn’t I Get The Job After A Great Interview

I was looking for an article to write and asked a coworker, “What are some of the problems your friends have complained about when looking for work?” Her response was, “Why didn’t I get the job after a great interview,” was a common question she heard over and over again. When I gave her the […]